Friday, November 4, 2016

Computer Consulting Trending….

Computer Consulting Trending….

An ICC view…

The big news here in Rhode Island is CVS is doing major layoffs most in the Rhode Island Corporate office where I live.

I feel bad for the people who spent good part if their career at CVS and now are left to find another job within CVS or someplace else. Some may leave the state.

What is one to do?

I’ve been part of several layoffs and it always hurts. One questions what one did wrong? Why me?

It’s never personal but in today’s age, most companies rather go with the consultant vs. an employee where they don’t have to pay benefits. It always about money.

5 tips to keep one self marketable with a job or no job.

1. Figure out the trends in your field.

The best way I see what’s trending is go out to the career section of large companies and see the jobs their hiring for. Since this blog is about Independent Computer Consultants (ICC), I type into a search “Business Systems Analyst”. Then I read through the requirements of the jobs and match it to my qualifications on my resume.

2. Network

With social media more specifically LinkedIn, create an account or update your profile.

3. Consulting

If you had a full time job, consider contracting. I enjoy the flexibility of contracting and gain on the job experience at each project.

4. Update your resume

Update your resume with your qualifications (see number 1).

5. Take a class

Investing in yourself to learn a new computer language or another skill you need. I personally have taken classes at An example: I saw AGILE was trending and took AGILE and technical Writing classes and moved from COBOL programmer to Business Systems Analyst.

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