Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting into World Series of contracting

WOW! Royals win and get into World Series after 29 years (article here).  How does that relate to an independent computer consultant aka contractor?

Have the right team in place so a contractor may deliver his/her service to the client.

Working with a team is key. My team are recruiters who recruit for a position, account mangers to present a contractor and service to the client, payroll where the contractor is paid, health insurance for the contractor. If there is a flaw in the process nobody wins. Everyone is hurt--the contractor, the recruiting firm and the client who needs the service.

When a team goes to the baseball world series, the process to getting there is all working together. When the Royals navigated straight into the world series with winning eight games are the only team to do it in baseball's postseason. They did it with speed, great pitching and defense. All three plus fan's cheering in support.

Third Baseman Mike Moustakas said, "I knew these fans were amazing, but I didn’t know how loud and how amazing they really were. They came out every day to play, just like we did. They deserve this just as much as we do. They’ve been waiting a lot longer than most of us have. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to bring this American League championship to Kansas City.”

If you are or considering to be an independent computer consultant, put in place the best team for yourself and you'll see success.

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