Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Increasing Hourly Rate

1. Wait/complete current project to end.
2. Get new project while current one is going on.
3. Quit current project
4. start new project.

Simple. I did this and the increase rate was 25 percent. I even asked for more. Didn’t get it. Bummer.

You’re probably asking; why not ask for a raise on my current contract? I did that. I ask three months out from my one year anniversary. Within the three months I kept on top of the decision makers. I made sure nothing feel through the cracks. Pretty much hitting them with a baseball bat. Then the shocker came in -- 2 percent. HUH? Total hourly increase way under a dollar. I felt injured. I started to put another plan to increase more. Then the financial market tanked and they cut technology contractor’s 10 percent. Now I am insulted. In the past twelve months my hourly rate was cut 8 percent. So jumping contract’s does make sense. Be smart about it. Don’t just do it for the money. Do it for your career and do it right. Make sure the project you are working on is completed successfully. When you do that, moving out to another project feels good. And the money will be there for you.